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Managed Servers

Securing the Organizational Content

Maximizing System Availability and Security

E2 Services’ proactive approach to systems management allow us to anticipate and frequently prevent outages, providing you with the confidence that your servers are up, running, protected, and remain that way. Providing continual assessment of server resources and performance, error logs, and enhanced application metrics, E2 Services identifies potential system problems before they impact users. With a complete view of system operations, appropriate decisions can be made for your organization – allowing you to preserve valuable data assets along with the servers that make it available.

Managed Server Services

  • Configuration Changes
  • Vulnerability/Threat Remediation
  • O/S System Updates
  • Monitoring of Resource Usage
  • 24×7 Support
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Log Monitoring
  • Failed Component Replacement
  • Trend Analysis
  • Emergency Updates due to Threats
  • Application Specific Monitoring
  • User Management
  • Rights Management
  • Role Specific Management

Achieve Maximum Availability with E2 Services’ Server Management

Availability through Security

Securing your systems includes proper and regular systems maintenance.  Hardware & Software companies provide regular and irregular update releases to patch vulnerabilities.  E2 Services’ state-of-the-art software maintenance systems ensure that only approved updates are applied to your systems during pre-determined maintenance intervals. Ensuring that your system availability will not be affected unexpectedly due to an unpatched system.

Management Anywhere

Using our state-of-the-art remote management & monitoring system, E2 Services is able to manage your systems wherever they are located.  On-Premise, remote, cloud, physical, or virtual.  Providing the ability to migrate systems between platforms or locations while maintaining the same systems monitoring and management you require.

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