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Server Load Balancing

Stay up and running with managed load balancing

Minimize Points of Failure to Optimize Response Time

When it comes to mission-critical applications, slow response times and potential hardware failure are unacceptable.

Server load balancing utilizes multiple servers to house your data and run your applications. By dynamically managing workloads across servers, the load balancer can optimize resource utilization, output, and response time. If a server should fail for any reason, requests are routed to other servers according to preset criteria so you can stay up and running.

Maximize Performance with Managed Load Balancing

Increase Application Uptime

Achieve failsafe performance that can’t be accomplished with a single server.

Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Faster system response times make for happier customers.

Ensure Business Continuity

Improve the availability of mission-critical applications.

Get the Upper Hand with E2 Services’s Hybrid Cloud

E2 Services Server Load Balancing Solutions

E2 Services: Load Balancing

Enterprise Load Balancing Appliance

A feature-rich and affordable switch with support for SSL offloading, persistent sessions, and a broad range of IP-based applications. This powerful solution also offers an integrated, purpose-built web firewall to protect web-enabled applications from service disruption. The enterprise load balancing appliance allows companies of all sizes to leverage the resiliency of a powerful data center-class resiliency and hardware-based security.

Linux Virtual Server (LVS) Load Balancing

Flexible and cost-effective, this load balancing solution can dispatch requests to various servers and make parallel services of the cluster to appear as a virtual service on a single IP address. Request dispatching can use IP load balancing technologies or application-level load balancing technologies. To increase scalability, nodes can be transparently added or removed in the cluster.

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